Monday, April 16, 2012

A little bit of this and that

It:s been a while since I last contacting with my faculty friends. I miss them though. Well I just found out, that the youtube girl, Najwa Latif, was a younger sister to a friend of mine during my time at the faculty. Her name is Iqwatul Sayfiqah and we call her Pika. That explain the resemblance of their face. First time I see this Najwa Latif girl on youtube, her face look familiar. But I can:t recall who. I bet all of my friends at the faculty already know about this. I'm the only one who   just got this 'basi news'.

It's been a while since i last been to faculty. I miss those havoc life. Everyday you have to listen to all those sounds of music. From the nicer the 'sumbang' one. From classical Beethovan era until to the Jazzy era.
Well most of them are already successful in what they do now.

By the way, happy belated birthday to my bestie Wanie, yesterday, on 15 April and today is her boyfie bday, Thairy, happy birthday to u too. OH...and happy birthday to Wan...a friend of us too..i'm not so sure when was his birthday. Either same as Wanie or of them is sharing the date if I'm not mistakes. Btw, wani I miss you....and Aiman too... We always togather during our time at the faculty togather... I miss you guys so much....

Friday, April 6, 2012

Babak pertama

Right now I'm crazy about this one Indie band song called 'Babak pertama' by Drama Band. Well all of the band members use to be someone that I know at the faculty except for the lead singers. Some said that he use to be a singer in some club somewhere in KL. Right now I'm trying to learn to play this song in strumming cos I'm very sucks at strumming instead of plucking..

Btw, about last 2 month, i met this band lead guitarist. He came at my working place due to have some events around Seremban. For the first I tried to avoid to see him, but then and again, he suddenly came and see me. I tried to run but I'm caught. Huhuhu. His name is Amar. Well i use to don't like him during at the faculty. He is very perfectionist and fussy and sometimes can annoyed people. And it's kindda lil bit hard for me to work with this perfectionist people. But now I realize that his perfectionist, makes him what he had get today.

We have a little friend chit chat. He ask me to stay longer, but i couldn't since my working time already over and my dad already waiting for me. I have to rush. He gives me the number and i gave him mine but I couldn't contact since my phone are not ok (before i have my BB), and i couldn't contact him until now since i lost his number due to my broken phone.

Btw gtg now...cheersa

Thursday, December 23, 2010


As I close my eyes and begin to sleep
I dream of you and it feel so deep
My dream travel back to the memory of past
Where you'll be the first, the one and the last
I miss the moment when you talk to me
When my heart beating faster seeing you smile at me
I hate the feel when you're not around
Cause I'm going weak and my world turn upside down
As I have lost you for the few years of past
Now God finally answer my prayer at last
HE sent you back to me to be my lover
For me to cherish you, forever and ever
I pray to God, please don't take you away from me
Only if the death that be our destiny
Thanks sayang for giving me a chance
And I swear to God that you're my only one

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Sumpah Terkejut

It's been a while since i last chatting and talking to my friend Amirul Dzarif. Then suddenly today i open his page and viewing his latest picture and something amazed me... He's engaged!!!! Sumpah terkejut. If i'm not mistakes, wasn't Mirul a gay? And if i'm not mistakes jugak la, the person yang dia get engaged jugak tu was his cousin.... Aida. But, sumpah tak pasti. But whatever it is, I'm happy for them. Diorg dah bertunang dalam bulan 10 ke 11 hari tu, tapi sumpah aku tak perasan. Maybe sebab jarang online and busy exam kot. Syukur, at last Mirul being a man. Hopelly he will remain that way forever... May God bless their relationship.

I know it's kindda late for me to say this, but congrats to Amirul and Aida.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Kelentong Si Cik T

I stay up late last night due temporary insomnia. Then suddenly one of an old friend online. His name was Ameer Nazrin Moore. He was Eurasian. His dad was British and his mum were Malaysian. Well I met him only once during a public speaking contest that held at Senawang 2 High School, Seremban. It was during my highschool time. We'll exchange number and so on.

Well yesterday, well actually last night, I suddenly 'hola' him at FB chat, due to freaking boring and had no one else to chat with. Then suddenly after tired of reminding him who am i, i ask him did he know my friend Cik T (a nickname that we give her during highschool), then he said yes. And the rest I'll let this chat statement speak for itself.......ahaks........

Me: Do u know mira from PZ?

Ameer: eeww...yes i know her

Me: erm

Ameer: pls dont tell her i said dat

Me: did she tell u how did she get your number?

Ameer: nope. i did wonder why n how... hahaha

Me: she get it from my cellph

Ameer: oooo ceh...

Me: she kindda steal it from me

Ameer: patot la

Me: i dunno until u guys dating

Ameer: shes a pschyo

Me: hahahaha. agak la

Ameer: eww pls dont remind me

Me: y? y? hehehe


Me: hahahahaha (almost fainted hearing this statement)

Ameer: ____-"

Me: lol lol

Ameer: she tried to kiss me but i mengelak

Me: rasa nk gelak guling2

Ameer: hahahaha

Me: shoot..hahahaha

Ameer: eww eww eww

Me: hahahhahah....seriouslly? OMG OMG OMG

Ameer: yessss

Me: OMG OMG OMG. after all this years now i find out the truth. OMG! So funny! funny sgt!

Ameer: did u know she lied about having an amnesia?

Me: nope

Ameer: ____-"

Me: hahahahah how?

Ameer: kereta langgar tiang red light

Me: hahahahaha. how in an earth did she.........? hahahaha

Ameer: i dunno lah. gila la dat girl.

Me: hahahahaha OMG OMG OMG

Ameer: pastu ckp kt i yg dia laku gila kt skolah and ramai laki nak dia. -____- kalau cun takpe
gak, ni muka mintak selipar........


Ameer: -________-

Me: LOL LOL serious i nk guling2 gelak ni. OMG sakit perut.

Ameer: mmg patot pon, hahaha, seriously pschyo

Me: hahaha btw, i bkn mcm die erk

Ameer: the only reason i dated her because i kesian

Me: i stabil.... hahaha ok

Ameer: i tanak la bila tau dia camtu terus bla kan? so kena sabarlah huhuhu

Me: hahahaha

Ameer: jalan nk tarik2 bra pulak kan! haih... problem oo...

Me: hahahaha shoot seriously?

Ameer: btw, how and why she amek no i?

Me: selama ni konon in love sgt dgn u. i tatau. die curi from my cellph, sbb i pun slalu lepak
rumah dia

Ameer: but she didnt know me kan?

Me: nope, cuma i pernah cerita

Ameer: hello, smpi sekarang kot she tunggu i. scarry huhuhuhu

Me: pasal public speaking tu la. hahaha

Ameer: br hr tu she nk chat dgn i in fb

Me: i just cerita yg i tertarik dgn nama u and dia punya gedik, pegi amek. hahaha

Ameer: she said "do u remember me?"

Me: hahahaa

Ameer: and i said "nope, don't think so" hahaha

Me: jahat. so mean :P

Ameer: i know, but it's for the best. kang tak pasal2 i bukak pintu rumah dia tunggu kat luar.
eee takutnye

Me: hahahaha OMG smpi ke situ u fikir

Ameer: she has potential hehehe

Me: hahahah damn

Ameer: mana taknye

Me: u're so mean hahaha

Ameer: she said bapak dia hantar bodyguard ke everywhere she goes. -____- and she ada
tunang la, ape la

Me: hahaha pschyo gile

Ameer: membe u gak hahahaha

Me: tapi dia mmg kaki kelentong pon

Ameer: ye ke?

Me: kat sekolah ape semua yg dia ckp, kitorg erm iye

Ameer: die kerabat ke?

Me: then x amek pot...hahahaha membongak la, percaya la

Ameer: hahahah

Me: imagination tinggi

Ameer: and then try to convince i yg dia half indon like me, so she mula ckp indon. kantoi
bnyk gile

Me: hahahaa

Ameer: but i senyap je la

Me: die tiru i la tu

Ameer: aih..mcm2

Me: i penah close dgn an indonesian lawyer, so i terikut-ikut ckp indon

Ameer: yeke

Me: n she did learn from me

Ameer: so dia pon nk la ni

Me: i gueess so

Ameer: hahahaha

Me: hahaha

Ameer: tu la pasal. k lah, hav to go now kay? nk tido. penat wo. anyway good to keep in touch
with old mates.

Seriously after this chat i gelak guling2 and my perut cramp sebab banyak gelak. What in an earth were she thinking? I never tot her imagination could be that wild and pschyo.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Fine! Sentap dgn teddy bear! Geram! Sesuka hati je nak bully aku! Nak tengok aku merajuk? Fine I will show you!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Tribute to Nurul Nadia bt. Zainarruddin

I just read this story from FB share, and it does touch my heart a lil. So i hope you all like it and learn the lesson from it.

Name aku Amir.. Aku de sorg awek.. Sorg??? huhu.. Awek aku ni mmg lawa giler r!! Sbb die lawa tu r aku ngn membe2 aku berebut.. Nasib aku baik la, aku dpt jugak die....memandangkan aku ni pun kategori org yg handsome.. hahaha..

OOPS! lupe! Name awek aku ni Nadia.. Kitorg x same kampung tp satu sekolah.. Satu hari ni aku dpt twrn smbung blajar kt satu IPTA ni.. Awek aku pn dpt.. Alhamdulillah result SPM kitorg cemerlang walaupun aku pun x percaye boleh dpt 7A.. Hahaha.. Tp mmg giler r.. Walaupun kos yg ditawarkn same, tp aku terlambung kt utara n die lak kt Selatan..

Die ni kuat jeles tu jgn ckp laa.. hidup aku dia yg aturkan.. selama aku satu sekolah dulu, jgn hrp la aku nk kuwa ngn membe2 perempuan aku.. Jgnkn kuwa same, pndg pun x boleh.. Kdg2 aku rimas jugak ngn die.. T aku ckp byk ngn die, mau die marah2 then merajuk.. Benci tul aku.. Aku tau die sygggg sgt2 kt aku. Aku tau die mmg x lyn mane2 lelaki yg cube usyar line die.. Kdg2 aku bengang jugak if ade lelaki yg hntr2 msj kt die walaupun die x reply..

Tp sebenarnye aku ade sorokkan sumthing drp die.. Disebabkan kitorg pun da terpisah jauh, aku mule la nk test market kt utara ni.. Jahatkn? Aku rase bebas!!! Aku pn rase die mcm tu jgk kot.. Yelah, die kn lawa.. Msti r ramai jantan usyar die.. Disebabkan aku nk menutup perasaan prasangka yg buruk2 tu, aku mula r berkawan ngn ramai perempuan kat sini.. Setiap kali org tanye status aku, mesti aku jwb aku single.. Aku selalu kuwa ngn member2 perempuan aku kat sini.. Mmg lagak cm org single.. Aku selalu teringatkan die time aku tgh berfoya2.. Bile wktu mlm sebelum tidur, msti die yg call aku.. Aku? Kdg2 kot.. Tp aku syg sgt kt die.. Aku ckp kt die, membe2 aku kt sini semuanye jantan.. Die ckp die pun same.. Sebelum kitorg end call mst die cerita2 kenangan kami bersama.. Die selalu ckp, "kalau sy da x de baru awk leh gatal dgn perempuan lain".. Kdg2 aku mrh die sbb die ckp yg bukan2 walaupun hakikatnya aku mmg da menggatal da pun.. Kdg2 aku selalu jgk create pergaduhan ngn die.. byk kali die nangis time gaduh2 ngn aku.. pernah tu aku tertengking dia.. kesian die.......


Tibe2 aku terkejut drp lamunan.. Rupa2nye member perempuan aku, Tiqah.. Aku pn dgn bangang aku terima..

Mase duit PTPTN kuwa, aku beli sebijik henpon lg. Satu henpon khas tok msj Nadia, satu g utk Tiqah.. Dlm tempoh aku belajar kt sini, mcm2 tipu aku wat.. Aku tipu dua2 perempuan tu.. Tp hati aku tetap sygkn Nadia.. Mungkin sbb jauh, perasaan tu kdg2 bercampur.. Tiqah pn mcm Nadia.. Sejak aku couple ngn minah ni, aku dah x kuwa ngn member2 perempuan lain.. semuanya kembali mcm mase aku ngan Nadia dulu.. Aku terasa bersalah sgt.. Tp dlm mase yg same aku just nk hilangkan perasaan bosan sorg2 kat sini.. "Kalau la Nadia tau.." Kdg2 aku terfikir nk berterus-terang.. Tp aku x berani.. Kalau dulu aku tidur pukul 1.30, sekarang ni pkul 3.30 kdg2 pkul 4.. Yelah sbb nk gayut dgn dua2.. Semua org x tahu siapa aku sebenarnya walaupun roomate aku sendiri.. Setiap kali aku balik kampung, Nadia x balik.. Yelah.. U dgn sekolah mane same.. Cuti lain2.. Cume ade sekali tu kitorg dpt cuti same2.. Cuti raye kn.. Time aku jumpa ngn Nadia, aku sorokkan henpon satu lg tu kat rumah.. Nadia makin lawa! Berseri2.. Mane2 lelaki tgok gerenti r cair ni.. Nadia ckp cinta die hanya utk aku.. Selama die berpisah dgn aku, die semakin rindu, semakin syg n cintakn aku.. Utk hilang rase camtu, die habiskan mase dgn belajar.. Kdg2 die ckp belajar smpai tau2 da mlm.. Die happy sbb hati aku masih x berubah utk dia sorang.. ERR! aku terasa bersalah sgt.. "Kalau sy da x de, baru awk leh gatal dgn perempuan len tau!" ckp die sambil tergelak2.. Perkataan tu da berjuta kali kot die sebut.. Aku tgok muke die yg lembut tu.. Die bersuara, kalau habis belajar, die nk aku ikat die sebagai tunang.. Pastu die nk kami kerja, kumpul duit byk2 n kahwin then sambung belajar lg.. Beria2 die menceritakan impian die kt aku...

Permainan aku berlarutan sehingga sem yg ke 4...

Pada satu hari ni aku g makan ngn Tiqah mcm biasa... Heboh kampus aku jd tuan rumah untuk satu pertandingan perbahasan antara IPTA. Kebetulan hari ni ulangtahun ke 3 aku ngan Nadia.. Mcm biase aku g mkn ngn Tiqah kt cafe.. Mase Tiqah tgh ambil lauk, aku terniat hati nk cek msj die.. Terhenti jantung aku, berlambak2 msj sorang jantan yg bersayang2 kt inbox dia.. Aku pn angin r.. Mase Tiqah duduk, aku soal2 dia smpai menangis minah tu.. Sebelum ni x terniat pulak aku nk cek.. Tiqah ckp die ttp sygkn aku.. Aku pun mula terfikirkn Nadia.. Tibe2 ade sekumpulan awek dtg kat meja aku time2 gini la pulak.. X lame pastu aku nmpk Nadia.. Aku menelan air liur.. Rupe2nye, Nadia ambil bahagian dalam pertandingan tu.. Bila Tiqah nmpk ramai2 awek tu dtg kt aku, pelik r die.. N dgn kuasa Allah, semua terbongkar pada saat tu.. and Tiqah sendiri mengaku yg dielah awek aku kt depan Nadia.. Aku tgok Nadia menangis.. Die x bercakap sepatah haram perkataan pun.. Cume die berikan aku sekotak hadiah ulangtahun kami sebelum dia tinggalkn aku.. Aku terus putuskan hubungan aku ngn Tiqah.. Mase aku balik hostel, puas aku call Nadia.. Aku hntr msj berlambak2 kt die.. die x reply pn... Aku sedar, die dah benci aku..

Rupanya Nadia masih menerima aku.. Aku happy sgt2.. Aku berjanji x nk kecewakn die lg.. 2 minggu kejadian itu berlalu.. Org2 sekeliling aku mula menjauhkan diri daripada aku.. Nk2 yg member2 perempuan aku la.. Aku dah x kesah da.. Aku dah berubah.. Aku cuma nk dapatkn keputusan yg cemerlang sampai time akhir sem nanti. Aku nk dptkn kerja baik2.. Apa2 pun aku nk ikat Nadia dulu.. Kdg2 aku berasa malu sgt kt Nadia nk2 bila teringatkn mak ayah dia.. Nasib baik die x pergi report kat mak n ayah dia.. hehe.. Dlm tgh syok2 berangan sambil membelek2 kemeja baru hadiah ulangtahun daripadanya mase hari kejadian tu, tibe2 aku dpt msj drpd member Nadia.. "Nadia eksiden!" Ermm.. Hati aku tibe2 jd x sedap.. Msj kedua drp member die smpai lg.. Terasa panas muka aku bile bace msj tu.. "Nadia da X DE.. Die kne langgar ngan kereta mase lintas jln.." Mcm org gila pas aku bace msj tu.. Aku ambil keputusan balik kejap kampung walaupun terpaksa ponteng kelas..

Aku rase kosong.. Kosong sgt.. Teringat gelak tawa die, teringat suara die, muke die yg lawa tu.. Aku menangis dlm bas.. Aku x peduli ngn org2 yg pndg aku.. Kali ni aku betul2 menyalahkan diri aku.. Semua kenangan aku ngan Nadia bermain dlm kepala aku.. Aku xmampu menahan perasaan sedih ni.. Berulang kali aku bace msj terakhir Nadia mlm td.. "Awk, sy nk tido.. Mcm biase, sy sygkn awk utk selamanye walaupun awk da lukekn ati sy, sy maafkn... Tp ingat! Kalau sy x de baru awk leh gatal ngn perempuan len tau! Hehe.. Nk mrh la tu.. Sy leb awk! Sweet dreamz.." Ya Allah! Kuatkn hatiku ni.. Semasa aku sampai, jenazahnya belum tiba lagi.. Ye.. Aku pun terus mencoretkan kisah ini.. Semoga menjadi pengajaran kt korang.. Air mata aku berguguran sepanjang mencoretkan kisah ni.. Tapi aku tau, Nadia x kn kembali da.. X de lg msj Nadia, panggilan Nadia.. X de dah ungkapan "kalau sy x de" tu dah..

Teman2.. Aku mintak sedekahkanlah fatihah utk nya.. Mungkin ada yg memperlekehkn kisah aku ni.. Tp bg aku, inilah kisah yg plg bermakna utk aku.. Utk selamanya aku menyayangi kau, Nurul Nadia bt Zainarruddin..

Mungkin kejap lagi jenazahnya tiba.. Aku nk bersiap2 utk beri penghormatan terakhir buat die yg aku sygi.. Sememangnya cinta die utk aku shgga akhir nafasnya... Aku mampu merelakan pemergiannya... Tabahkn hatiku Ya Allah.... -Al Fatihah.....

NOTE: Al-fatihah to Nadia, may her soul rest in peace. And to others, this is some lesson that we need to learn and realise about how the deep the love is...

Monday, December 6, 2010

Which one?

Well, in my previous post, I've already tell about my childhood crush right? So now I'm showing his picture.. Well some old picture that i snap during our sports day. He was in form 5 while I'm in form 3. Gosh I really miss the high school moment.

Which one is him?'s a secret. Tapi to sape yg dah tau tu, diam2 sudey.... Hehehe... Gosh I miss this moment. The time i curi2 to snap his pict... He sort of like a love from the first sight.. Imagine, the huge crush since 10 years old......... I'm so in love with him. It just that i'm still not so sure either he will be mine or we will remain just as a friends....

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Childhood Crush

First of all, i wanna wish congrats to all of my buddies yang baru je grad siang tadi. Sorry aku tak datang convo, ade masalah dunia dengan Encik Naz.

Oh maybe you may think it's the old Naz, Nazire rite? Nope! But it's Nazrul. He was my childhood crush since i was 10 years old. I have a huge crush on him for so freaking long time. Suddenly one day, recently, i found him at FB. Then i add him. Well i didn't expect anything just hoping he could accept then that's it la. Then suddenly he msg me on FB. I'm so freaking amazed and excited. While on that night i have a McD annual dinners party. Due to excited because he msg me, then after that we exchange number and keep texting each other on the phone, i didn't really enjoy the annual dinner party. Ramai yang ajak enjoy, join the dance floor...but I'm not in mood. All i wanna be while that is with my cell phone.

He really makes me flying without wings. Gosh i dunno what else to said. It's like a dreams come true. I have been waiting for this moment for so long, and now God finally answer my wish.

Honestly he's not the typical guy that i use to date. He kindda 'mulut puaka' type of person. And aku memang selalu kena sembur dengan die especially about my appearance, sebab dia cakap sexy sangat. WTF? Sexy ke haku? Tak de makne! And one more thing, he's black. Tapi hitam manis la kate org. Aku punya taste kan memang pelik.

And now, we're kindda flirting with each other, but haven't declare anything yet. Oh and yg tambah buat aku berbunga-bunga, he said that he have a crush on me too during high school... Tapi si blacky sengal lagi ego itu tak reti nak tegur aku! Very the vavi one. Heh!

Damn!!!!!!!! And you're the place my life begins, and you will be the end, i'm flying without wings... Kali ni aku sure, aku tak bertepuk sebelah tangan lagi macam masa zaman sekolah dulu. Nak tengok rupe die? Nanti dulu...sampai masa aku show ye pict die nanti :P

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

I'm flying without wings

Gosh...i'm so freakin happy and excited and keep blushing. I feel like i'm flying without wings. Thanks for making me smile... I have been waiting for such a long time to hear you saying that. And now God have finallly answer my prayer...